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Considering this a brand new miscrit has made its entry in the Miscrits Shop its none other than Goldy the new earth miscrit. And the way to do that, of course, is by collecting and battling lots and lots of creatures called miscrits. Flying Carpet Fragment this relic setup paired with the coins will slightly boost his Health, both defenses and Elemental attack as well, downside is a big loss on Speed and Physical attack. miscrits of sunfall Bring two of each to the Collector for your awesome reward! Magpole now is faster, and will most likely have 2 turns from the strategy above, and will be a better attacker, while enduring more damage. If you have none. Capturing them is a bit difficult in that you may only do so when they are weakened (usually only a few hit points away from being killed). Fire miscrits Crickin Miscrits of Volcano Island Crickin Powerful Guide Strategies for Crickin Crickin has a lot of potential in his elemental powers. Collect 1 Sparkupine. He will give you the reward. He have pretty great attacks, witch can destroy you very easy if you will not lower them. The defenses of this elementum is not that high if you can just easily defeat this elementum with a level 30 miscrit which can lower defenses. A holiday exclusive which should not be messed with. It must be purchased for 400 gems or 125 Facebook credits. So, now you know when they will be appearing. miscrits rare Enchanting the miscrit skill further enhances the miscrit skill and further boosts the capabilities. You can find many skill lists on this blog. Items can be earned from the battle arena or when you battle in the wild items just pops up which you can collect. Miscrits of Volcano Island Guide Train Your Team Faster This is a guide for those who stilll haven't gotten an idea of how to level up your miscrits faster when you play Miscrits of Valocano Island. Claim it now and start training it. You will need a lot of healing potions handy to do this strategy, though. A fire Miscrit is very weak against water enemies, but strong against nature. Would be better? Elefauana location in Miscrian Forest. How to equip a relic to a miscrit? If you have the required amount of gems. This one is so far the best spot to train miscrits and I train almost all my miscrits here. Really tough opponents I would like to say. How to purchase miscrits using gems? While the game may not be particularly original, it manages to do what a number of games before it have failed: create a fun, satisfying, and addictive Pokemon-style game on Facebook. The most impressive thing about Miscrits of Volcano Island is just how expansive it is. Upon successfully searching an object, the player will either be rewarded with currency and items or be thrown into a battle against a Miscrit. One strange shop allows you to purchase several different items including miscrits but the currency is only earned through a free gift sent from friends. These are tasks that you are rewarded for, for doing simple tasks. If you hit it with Sleep, use one Mythical attack buff potion for whichever attack your current Miscrit uses. They are most vulnerable to Physical attacks or strong Wind attacks. The Water Elementum it is very easy to defeat, and use miscrits level 21 - 30, not earlier. Blowpuffle's defenses are now very high with extremely high health. Considering you need to waste 1 to 2 turns for a three turns extra that too you cannot attack what you can just do is lower your opponent stats or increase your own.

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